Penisaurus Erectus

P. Erectus

No description of La Kiva can leave out the infamous Penisaurus Erectus.

The brainchild of Gil Felts, La Kiva’s founder, the Penisaurus Erectus is a conjured big-cat fossil assembled from random bones and set into the wall of the main dining area.

Mr. Billy Miller's eyecatching sign.
Mr. Billy Miller’s eyecatching sign.
The Penisaurus Erectus t-shirt became an instant classic.
The Penisaurus Erectus t-shirt became an instant classic.
Though for Doug Christian, and the truly dedicated, there is only one option.
Though for Doug Christian, and other truly dedicated fans, there is only one option.

11 thoughts on “P. Erectus”

  1. Dear sir. It is wonderful you are reopening one of our favorite places to spend time. I have 2 questions 1# when do you plan to open? 2# do you have plans to reopen the RV park. We plan to be out there the end of March. Thanks Claude& Eula Townsend and friends

    1. Hello Claude,
      Thank you for your very kind comments. We are hoping that we will be open at the end of February but scheduling anything around here is notoriously difficult so keep your eye on the blog for updates. The RV park will take a little longer.

  2. Thanks for keeping La Kiva alive! I’m looking so forward to camping there again, like I used to do 25 years ago…

  3. Great news on the opening – Congratulations!!!! Glad to see some of the old furnishings being re-purposed. Too bad the men’s room urinal couldn’t be salvaged. Showed it to my wife on one visit and she suggested we copy that at home to compensate for my poor aim.

    We’re hoping to be out your way in October and look forward to stopping by and meeting you folks.

    Tarboro, NC

    1. Hi Al,
      Thank you for your comments. Opening was a big day for us even if we only opened briefly.

      We would have loved to refurbish the men’s urinal but as the health inspector pointed out “shall be made of easily cleanable material” is not exactly a description that could be applied to the old one. We have plans to make the new restrooms a little more interesting than they are now but at least they are cleanable in the interim.

      Had to laugh at your “poor aim” comment. It reminded me of my cleaners at my plant in Wisconsin. They put a sign over the gent’s urinal. “Stand closer. It’s shorter than you think.”

      Looking forward to seeing you in October.


  4. I plan to visit the La Kiva Restaurant this coming summer in 2016. I will be traveling all the way from Virginia which is about a 29 hour drive. I can’t wait to visit and see Texas. Where is a good place to stay?

  5. We are planning to stay in Terlingua this Spring (2017)
    17 or 18 years ago my family and I camped at La Kiva, and I still talk about the amazing little grotto and surprise showers, and bar hidden away underground.

    I would love to come and camp there once again, I have heard the sad news about the previous owner, and I am wondering if the RV/Camp grounds are open?

    1. Hi. Sorry about the delay in replying. Somehow I missed your message.

      We have refurbished parts of the old campground. We have no services (electricity, water or sanitation) but if you are self contained and don’t mind “dry” camping you will be welcome. The bar is open seven days a week as is the kitchen.

      Take care


  6. Hi John,

    I came across your story and see you are from Leeds. I would love to include you and La Kiva in my upcoming cross USA photography series featuring stories of migration in every state. I don’t have an email for you but would love if you can get in touch with me. Here is more information about the project:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you.

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