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Everyone needs a spot for horn-tooting media and general revelry, and we are no exception.  Here is a selection of some of the media about La Kiva, its history, and recent changes.

The bar opens!  Hear John talk about the opening on the night that the bar re-opened for business.

News of the bar opening in October, 2015 is spreading far and wide! Well, to Alpine and Midland, but this is Texas and that’s a long way.

CBS7 talks about the opening of La Kiva for the Viva Terlingua Music Festival.  They even sent out a TV crew for a look around.

A nice mention of our sneak-peek opening for three days for the Viva Terlingua Music Festival La Kiva to Open for Viva Terlingua.

La Kiva is an official sponsor and venue of the 2015 Viva Terlingua Music Festival.

We’ve recently had a lovely mention in Cozy Up, Texas: The Perry Mansion which also mentions some other Terlingua landmarks and personalities of note.

Marfa Public Radio caught up with John and Josie as they were driving down to close on the sale, With Terlingua Still Reeling from a Tragic Death, New Owner of La Kiva Prepares for Re-Opening

Not a surprise to any of us, Terlingua, Texas: The 10 Best Small Towns in America

This is certainly a unique approach to the region, Swim Big Bend.

Glenn Felts, the former owner, died in tragic circumstances. The best description of the events can be found at A Death in the Texas Desert.

Glenn and La Kiva have been featured in two documentary
films, “Ghost Town: 24 Hours in Terlingua”, and “Barbecue, A Texas Love Story”.

Did we miss a good one?  Drop us a note in the comments below!

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  1. Do you still have the $.25 coin op showers there? I remember after the S E Canyon run a boatman saying tonight’s a two quarter night…… after pondering what he meant… I later made the association when I happened to be camping there and had a two quarter night myself. Was a wonderful touch.

    1. I had a great big grin on my face when I read your comment. No. We don’t still have the showers, Glen took them out years ago. I understand that one of the reasons they were removed was that every time you put a quarter in you got a shock. In doing the renovations I found out why. Nothing in La Kiva was grounded. It can be hard in the desert to make a good ground but to find that NOTHING was grounded was a bit of a surprise. I must confess that during the renovations I had several “two quarter nights”. I also heard that the showers were popular with certain locals because attractive young ladies would show up at the bar, dressed only in a towel asking for more quarters. Being the gentlemen I am sure they all were, I will bet that absolutely no-one looked. It’s all part of the rich history.

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