Whether or not to Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is actually one of the pioneer social media platforms. It can arguably be said that it was through Facebook that social media actually became popular all over the world. The launch of the platform opened up a new chapter in the book of social media that has given birth to many6 more new chapters all through the years. It was on Facebook that everyone first jumped before they started getting themselves on the newer sites like twitter and instagram. Facebook is still much in use today and its popularity is still very high. It is true that people have jumped on to the other social media sites likes twitter and instagram but the popularity of Facebook still remains intact; nobody ever really lets go of their Facebook account.

It was also on Facebook that businesses first realized that they have a whole new platform and avenue through which they can market their businesses on social media. When it started out, Facebook was mainly used a social site that was meant to ensure people remain connected regardless of the geographical boundaries that might be separating them. With time, Facebook grew to become a very good marketing platform. The number of small businesses and big businesses that have grown as a result of continuous marketing on Facebook is huge. This is one fact that you can be sure that most businesses are not taking for granted.Businesses are working hard day and night to make sure that they take full advantage of this opportunity that is being presented by Facebook and they are working really hard to get and maintain their visibility on the platform. This is the main reason as to why you will find a large number of the businesses today are supportive of the idea to buy Facebook likes.

It is funny though that the concept to buy Facebook Likes is actually not a very new one. The sellers for this likes have actually existed in the market since as far back as 2009. The main idea behind the concept was to provide a way through which people can demonstrate their support for a certain company or person without having to put into much effort into it. You will find that companies are very open to the idea of having likes in the millions of numbers. The main desire behind the large number of likes is the popularity that it gets the Facebook user on the platform. There is no denying that the high quantity of Facebook likes plays an important role in increasing the popularity of a user on the platform. It however is very important that companies and businesses learn to look beyond the quantity of the likes into the quality of the likes.

The Facebook like can actually be arguably compared to the role the backlink plays when it comes to rank in the Google search engines. Facebook has a back end that is ever aware and makes through analysis of the all engagements that are made throughout the day. The higher the number of likes that you are getting, the more the reach that you will enjoy which will automatically translate to you having your content shared with many more people. It is actually a cycle with a ripple effect that can work extremely well to help you build great brand awareness. This can explain the support behind the idea to buy Facebook likes.

As part of the algorithm used for Facebook is ‘People Talking About This’ more popularly referred to as PTAT. This is basically used to measure the level of fan engagement that any particular user is enjoying. You would be interested to know that the number of likes you have or are getting play a very important role in the working of this particular feature of the algorithm.  It is however important to note that the PTAT not only looks at the quality of your likes but also at the quality of the likes you get. In the event that you continuously get likes form accounts that never really interact with you, you will find that your score will fall.

Once this becomes the case you will notice that you will be forced to pay higheramounts for the Facebook ads that you will be running and only a very small portion of your fan base will actually be getting to see your posts. A high score from the PTAT, on the other hand, is usually associated with increased brand ambassadorship and sales. At the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that if people genuinely like the content that you are sharing the chances of them actually purchasing your product in the future increases. As a matter of fact, you could think of the Facebook Like as the initial steps in the journey to get a valuable sales funnel.Real fans will normally engage with you based on the quality of your content and if they find your content to be good enough you will find that they will easily join your mailing list. This will leave you better placed to forge relationships that will allow you to easily turn potential clients into actual client and increase your sales.

What then does all this have to do with the choice to buy Facebook likes and how are the two related? It is very simple; you should not simply jump at the idea to buy Facebook likes blindly. It is important to take time to understand how the whole concept works first and make sure that you are working more on quality as opposed to just quantity. It would be advisable for you to focus on getting real Facebook likes; endeavor to buy Facebook likes form real people as opposed to those that are simply machine generated.  It would be better for you to deal with real people that you can actually engage and interact with. Remember that it was earlier mentioned that your PATAT score will actually increase if you are seen to have continuous and consistent communication with the people and accounts that are giving you all the likes that you are enjoying on your page.  After youhave made the choice to buy Facebook likes and have actually worked on ensuring that you get real likes, you will need to also work on your content. The fact that you will be dealing with real people will also mean that you will have to have real content with each to engage them with; it will thus be imperative for you to work on the quality of your content.

At the end of the day, the choice between whether or not to buy Facebook likes solely rests with you. It is however always good to make informed decisions; it is said that information is power. You do not want to spend your money on something that will not even end up benefiting you in the way that you expected it to. It isthus important to make sure that you do everything right and with wisdom and from an informed point of view. The information that has been provided above will help you to do just that and ensure that you do actually reap the maximum possiblebenefits from the use of the bought Facebook likes.





How often should you use your massage chair?

Most people would admit that they don’t know if there is a limit as to how much time they should spend on a massage chair and at what intervals. The relaxation feeling of getting an amazing massage may be too good to let go and some folks would say they could spend all day relaxing. However, for some various reasons -which we will mention- this is not recommended. The benefits of a massage chair are best achieved when used in short intervals of about 15 minutes each.


Massage therapy is used as a treatment of a wide range of physical conditions spanning from:


  • Fatigue
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Muscle tension, back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Sports related injuries
  • Depression and anxiety


So, if a massage chair can treat such conditions, why should there be time limit. The reason is because too much of massaging can intensify the existing injuries that you are treating or cause damage and inflammation of body tissues. This is why you should stick to the 15-minute time limit per session, which should be done approximately three to four times a week. This schedule is pre-tested and found to work perfectly across the board for all treatment needs.


Don’t be alarmed though. Massage chairs are absolutely safe to use and greatly useful for your health needs when used within the limits.


But sometimes you may be tempted to take some more minutes in the chair, it’s normal we all crave for some lazy moments away from the busy work schedule. Take 15 minutes in the chair then take a nice break, probably walk around before returning for another session. The break between the intervals helps the body get rid of toxins released during the massage and freshen up before you another session.

Most people love taking their massage session while reading a book or watching their favorite television show, hence keeping an eye on the timer may be a challenge. But thanks to technology, we have quite an array of models with built-in timers. The timer will switch off the system once the 15 minutes are exhausted. You may feel tempted to reset the timer to enjoy some more minutes in the chair, but remember that for you to leap the full benefits, sticking to the schedule is very crucial. After all, you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money buying the massage chair and continue suffering from the same conditions or worse even create entirely new injuries.


However, you may use your massage chair as much as you want when the system is switched off. The most recent models are designed to be super comfortable and the ideal chair for reading a book, watching television, or just resting.


If you are thinking of owning a massage chair, you should consider various factors before making a purchase. First is availability of space where you are going to place your chair. Various models are designed to fit in different room spaces, there are those that take more space than others do. Secondly, consider the color of the chair. There are different colors for every model to ensure that the chair fits in well with the rest of the house furnishings. You don’t need to buy a chair that would be odd looking in terms of matching with the rest of the house décor. Finally, let’s talk of the budget. Massage chairs are generally not expensive but other models that are costly. It depends with your health needs and what you can afford. However, don’t push beyond your financial limits.


If you are feeling drained by constant muscle pain and stress related injuries, and wants to make a drastic change for the better. Consider investing in a massage chair. It will ease you pain and give you a life time service. Always consider discussing a pre-existing condition with your doctor if you have any or if you are pregnant as they may prevent you from enjoying your massage fully. The conditions may include high blood pressure, heart conditions, or blood clotting problems. However, like I said earlier, there are different models for every one and a doctor will definitely recommend for you the best choice of a massage chair.