The Battle between Spotify and Soundcloud

News 02:06 June 2024:

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Music streaming has taken waves today just like the video streaming from Youtube and other sites. The top 2 players when it comes to music streaming are Spotify and Soundcloud. Both are being enjoyed by millions of subscribers worldwide. Both are also patronized by singers, songwriters, and music companies in order for their songs to be played and heard. So what now will differ the two? In case you’re at the verge of deciding which one to download and use, here are some points that may be of help.


When it comes to cost, both offer premium and free services. Even on their free services, you can actually enjoy good music already. However, if you are really a music enthusiast and would want to hear real good music, you will need a premium account.

Spotify’s premium service costs $9.99 per month and $14.99 for family or connected accounts. Family account are allowed up to a maximum of 6 persons. You got to enjoy ad-free songs which means, continuous listening without the sometimes irritating ads. You can also enjoy offline songs when you have a premium account in Spotify. For free accounts, there are ads, no offline songs, and there are limited songs to choose from Soundcloud, the rate is the same for $9.99. No family account offered. Multiple ad-free songs. You can also upload recorded songs when you have a premium account. The maximum recorded songs you can upload is up to 2 hours. Just a reminder when availing Soundcloud premium account who are Apple users; purchase it direct from the free Soundcloud followers platform so you won’t be deducted $3 for in-app buying.

Music Quality

Spotify offers 320 kbps and above for premium accounts while 180 kbps is offered to free accounts. The format of the music is OGG Vorbis file format. Soundcloud meanwhile offers 128 kbps for premium accounts and 64 kbps in free accounts. The format for premium account is MP3 while Opus file format for the free.


In Spotify, it is just the top notch clients who will download melodies. Nonetheless, the downloaded account is never open to different clients according to the DRM rules. Or on the other hand, a client may require to remove DRM through special request to remove the limitations. To accomplish that, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is suggested.

In Soundcloud meanwhile, it permits free downloading administrations yet there are songs which are changed by their creators. SoundCloud downloader may fix this issue.


Setting up your music playlist in Spotify is better than Soundcloud. Spotify allows you to pick randomly. It also suggests songs and even playlist mixes. There are lots of songs to choose from than Soundcloud. Soundcloud also does not allow you to have personal album. Spotify is really the choice when it comes to setting up your music playlist.

Above are just some of the comparison you can review if you are still deciding which one to use. The best of course is for you to try both. Download the free app and check on each for days or weeks then decide.

The good thing about social media today is the wide array of choices for users like us. We always have choices and we are not constrained to limitations. Each provider is battling with each other in such a ways that we users are the one benefiting from it. Social media also gives us the liberty to do what we want. From the area of expressing and sharing contents to creating our own music playlist. What’s good about this is we are never limited of the few.

On the other hand, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcoud are also benefiting. Not just because we are patronizing their premium services but they can also solicit ideas from what we are doing in social media or how we are using their sites. They have this intelligence to detect the most common activities, the mostly searched content, and the likes. And from that, they can strategize and create their new offers which in turn we will patronize again. Isn’t it amazing?

Anyway, going back to Spotify and Soundcloud, regardless which one you chose, both can give you enjoyment as you listen to your favorite songs.

Why People are into Facebook  Autolikes

Facebook is the main (#1) social media platform in the planet today which associated billions of individuals everywhere throughout the world together. This stage which was established in the year 2004 has from that point forward to turn into the best social media networking platform on the planet.

Utilizing the web-based social networking stage for showcasing is normally not troublesome when you have a decent number of individuals giving you the consideration which you want. As we as a whole realize long range informal communication has assumed control over the world with truly pretty much every individual from a specific family unit utilizing Facebook for either close to home of business reason. Facebook social network has different preferences to clients as it enables you to share, pictures, recordings, music, substance, and others. Facebook likewise has a like framework which clients use to demonstrate that they really have an enthusiasm for a specific post or found a specific post intriguing to them, these posts can either be recordings, pictures, substance and others.

Right off the bat, let us take a glimpse at Facebook from the purpose of business. Facebook can be utilized to advance business and complete showcasing forms, presently as an entrepreneur or a firm who chooses to utilize Facebook to advance the item and administrations which one renders in her business, first will have to construct a page which has a decent number of individuals who likes the exercises and post of your page. This turns out to be exceptionally hard to get as another facebook client which is the reason Facebook Autolikes services came up to assistance to help you build your online prominence.

It has been affirmed that many individuals would in all probability focus on a specific post be it a substance, video, music, picture and others dependent on the quantity of preferences, the quantity of preferences steers up the curiosity of different clients to need to discover the explanation for the high number of preferences which a post has. As individuals make a trip to look at your post because of high number likes the message is passed crosswise over which is the essential point of promoting, it is basically informing individuals regarding your item and the exceptional of the items and administrations which are the reason they ought to lean toward it to other aggressive ones. As we as a whole know Facebook is likewise increasingly like a commercial center where business, firms, enterprises, and so forth utilizes to advance their administrations which make the challenge for predominance an intense one.

With Facebook Auto Likes the significant proportion of your post increments as no superfluous post would have a great deal of preferences, which is the outlook of lion’s share of the clients, as what strikes a chord when he/she goes over a specific post with huge number of like is that, there must be something in the post either, astounding, mind blowing fascinating or generally which has brief that number of preferences. This strategy for utilizing Facebook Autolikes is one technique with a great deal of organizations and people has used to develop their ubiquity on  Facebook informal community.

One interesting point is that solitary pages and posts with a high number of preferences will seem top of the query item when individuals complete hunt. As your notoriety becomes because of expanded quantities of like on your each post your business would likewise develop as fame is one component to the development of any business and been prominent in an informal community as facebook can be considered as been mainstream on the planet.

To get the best out of Facebook Auto Likes administrations when you get them is for you to just post some pertinent and fascinating post either an advert about your item, a free give away coupon, an acquaintance of your new item with the market and others and have it posted on the Facebook informal community the auto preferences will help make various number of preferences right away. With this, a ton of people would focus on it and in the event that your post advantages them, at that point you would have effectively accomplished your objective of telling individuals about the specific post and getting them to partake. It doesn’t make a difference if the underlying preferences on the post are phony what is important is that is has had the option to get you the gatherings of people which you want.