2016 Chili Cook Off Ends

The chili cook off has ended.  Today we can see streams of RV’s heading north.  What a week we have had.  We saw lots of old friends.  Some who have followed us on this blog, some who called in while we were still closed, some who dropped by last year when we were newly opened.  Thanks to all of them and all of you for the encouragement.    Thank you all for your unfailing good humor and the many laughs you gave us this last week.

In general our visitors have liked what they have seen and it’s really nice to be getting to know people that come back year after year.  We have been told repeatedly that the chili people won’t come to La Kiva because they won’t drive during the cook-off.  Wow.  Is that wrong.  We were mobbed night after night.  That’s hard for us.  We can’t go from one bar person and one server to three bar keepers, three servers and a bus boy for one week.  The people just aren’t here and every other business in town want’s to increase staff at the same time.  We loved having everyone but sometimes our service was slower than we would have wanted.  Sorry about that.  We are already working on strategies to improve the wait times for next year.

I think it is about time we added a championship chili to the menu.  It’s coming up to the winter season and the cooler weather.  Perfect for a good bowl of chili.  I wonder what put that into my mind?  You don’t think that it could be the fact that we just had over 300 cooks making fantastic chili just a few miles from our door do you?  Grin.  We did have a few people who came in demanding anything BUT chili.

The image at the top of this post show the state of La Kiva just over one year ago.  Mere weeks before the 2015 Cook Off we finished the floors but we still had not completed the kitchen.  Time passes so quickly.  We survived our first year and we got through our second chili cook off with a working kitchen turning out good food at a prodigious rate.  We are already looking forward to 2017 and planning to handle the crowds better than we did this year.  We hope you all enjoyed our menu.  See you next year.