Thanksgiving at La Kiva

We are in our seventh week since our opening and it has been busy.  We survived the Chili Cook Off, both of them (yes there are two chili cook offs that occur simultaneously).  The main feature from the chili heads was the praise we have received for the upgrades.  Thank you all and we will see you next year.

Current news.

We have lost both of our chefs.  Chef Greg decided to invest in a food truck making Cuban food in Alpine, Texas.  That’s different!  While I have not yet had a chance to sample the food, I am certain that it will be good.  If you see a large red bus with Cuba on its side, in Alpine, give it a try.  From what I know of chef’s Greg and Anna you will not be disappointed.

Chef Elton decided that he had to join his wife in the frozen north.  No word on what he will be doing yet.  We wish him well in his new endeavours and offer our sincere thanks for the work he did on kitchen design and menu planning while he was with us.

The person who had agreed to install our hoods eventually had to back out, due to pressure of work on both him and his crew and  the lack of availability of his mentor due to family issues, so we were once again back to square one.  A visitor to the bar told us of someone who had recently had a similar style of hood installed.  Josie and I took a road trip to see the hood and find out who the installer was.  It was a little involved but we eventually found someone who can do the work.  It’s a company in Odessa with 35 years experience in installing this style of hood.  Our hood problems look as though they will soon be over.  Keep your fingers crossed because the new kitchen will then soon be completed and we can finally start serving food.

The 17 year tradition of Wednesday open mic nights has been restarted and the word is spreading.  We are seeing an uptick in the number of musicians who turn up wanting to take part.  This week we had a singer who came out of a 20 year retirement,  a grade school violinist who wowed us all, a banjo player, a group of lady entertainers who rotated through the stage, a couple of guys with guitars serenaded us, a musician playing a set of Scottish Smallpipes played some Ewan MacColl and Jack Night hosted the evening.  Wow.  That was just spectacular and part of the fun is that we didn’t know what was coming next.  We hope every one of our entertainers comes back and gives us some more.  The audience responded enthusiastically.  By any measure it was a spectacular event.



Today, Friday the 27th of November, we have Hogan and Moss playing, starting at 7:30.  You’re in for some great music.