La Kiva Opens

Monday October the 12th.  La Kiva opens its doors.

After 14 months of seemingly endless setbacks we opened La Kiva last night.  We were full from opening to closing.  I have never seen more cars in the parking lot.  We were visited by Big 2  Television out of Midland Odessa.

We received loud praise from all and there were many smiling faces.  It gets even better tonight when “Al Barlow and Friends” put on a show for us so live music tonight at La Kiva.

The early crowd checking out the new La Kiva.

We have a full week of music.  Tuesday night we have “Al Barlow and Friends” from eight to 10.

Thursday we have “The Bartons” with guests including Jack Platz, an Australian.  They will be on from eight to ten.

Friday.  Nothing scheduled but we are working on a booking for Friday, more news to follow.

Saturday we are to be serenaded by “The Whitmores”.  Alex and Marti will entertain us from 7:30 until 11:00.

On Wednesday of next week we are going to try for the first open mic. night at the new La Kiva.  This is a Kiva tradition that we simply can not lose because it was so important to Glen and to so many of you.    That’s right.  Open mic is coming home.  I think the last run was 886 consecutive weeks (if I am wrong I would love to hear from you).  That’s 17 years without missing.  We will be starting out at 886+1 and we hope it will all come together for next week, October 21st.


13 thoughts on “La Kiva Opens”

  1. Wonderful! Glad to see that you are finally open. Hope to get there in December again. Missed you earlier this year. Would like to see Karaoke Night again with Cooter. That was always fun.
    Bob Zeller

  2. Congratulations John… Well Done!!

    It looks like we will not be able to get down and camp again until after April 15th, but our friend, that used to camp at La Kiva with us, just bought a new trailer and I am hoping to drag him and his girlfriend along with us.



  3. Well, a long time in coming but well worth the wait. John, can’t wait to get back down and enjoy “Two Nights in Terlingua”

    1. The Pizza oven was delivered today. I heard that this weekend may see advances in the kitchen hood department. Best guess is the end of November but that is just a guess. Lots can change that.

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