La Kiva opens and hosts a wedding

La Kiva opened after a fourteen month long refurbishing.  The sale of La Kiva triggered  a number of things.  A totally new sanitation system, new restrooms and a new kitchen.  While the bar is now open and working the kitchen needs some finishing off.  It will be a few more weeks before we can provide great food to everyone.

The delay with the kitchen is that we have been unable to get anyone to travel to Terlingua to install our vent hoods.  It’s as though when you looked up Terlingua on the map it was one of those very old maps that said things like “Here be dragons.”  and then following it up with drawings of fearsome sea creatures.  Help is at hand though and I think I have found someone who can do the job.  Fingers crossed.

The bar opened on Monday the 12th of October and it has been an eventful week.  The usual crop of opening problems.  Who does what and when do they do it?  We should have a system for that and where do we order Tonic Water from?  Really, it was not bad.  The staff have all been great and have put in many extra hours to try and get things done in a timely manner.  Overall, I am very satisfied.  We got great comments from almost everyone who visited.  Sure, there were a couple who bemoaned the fact that it “was not the same”.  That is part of the problem.  It could never re-open as it was.  If it did we would be immediately closed down because we are not grandfathered.  That and the fact that it lay empty and unattended for six months meant that the infrastructure degraded even further making major repairs necessary.  Thank you all for the encouragement and support.  It means a great deal to know that the vast majority of you like what we did and are encouraging us to keep on improving La Kiva.  I think we are satisfied with the interior so once we have the kitchen sorted out we can refurbish the cave room.  After that we will work on the patio and the stage area.  Lots still to do so we won’t get bored anytime soon.

This week was marked by appearances of Al Barlow and friends on Tuesday night, The Bartons with guest Jack Plat on Thursday night, the Doodlin Hogwallops on Friday night and Alex and Marti Whitmore on Saturday night.  It’s nice to hear music in La Kiva again.

Next week La Kiva will be restarting the 17 year tradition of Wednesday night open mic.. The open mic night this week will be hosted by Mike Casper “Dr. Fun” and will run from 8:00 PM to 10:30.  We would love to see you there.

La Kiva is planning bringing back Karaoke on Tuesday nights. Watch for more information on this in the next few days.

To end the first week of operation for La Kiva there was a wedding. Carmen Gonzales, the manager of El Conquistadore, a restaurant in Waco, Texas was married to Wayne Mays, a brick mason also of Waco in a quiet and touching ceremony on the patio of La Kiva in Terlingua, Texas. The ceremony was performed by Jeff Haislip who went on to entertain the guests with his music.  Wow.  What a great way to end our first week and all our best wishes to the young couple.



Doodlin’ Hogwallops at La Kiva

Friday the 16th of October we have the Doodling Hogwallops playing at La Kiva.  That is this week!!!!


Chef Elton of La Kiva in front of a pirate ship that has the “Doodlin’ Hogwallops” playing the Rocket Fuel Party in Terlingua Ghost Town for the Fire and EMS fundraiser.  Now beat that for an improbable caption for a photo’?


La Kiva Opens

Monday October the 12th.  La Kiva opens its doors.

After 14 months of seemingly endless setbacks we opened La Kiva last night.  We were full from opening to closing.  I have never seen more cars in the parking lot.  We were visited by Big 2  Television out of Midland Odessa.

We received loud praise from all and there were many smiling faces.  It gets even better tonight when “Al Barlow and Friends” put on a show for us so live music tonight at La Kiva.

The early crowd checking out the new La Kiva.

We have a full week of music.  Tuesday night we have “Al Barlow and Friends” from eight to 10.

Thursday we have “The Bartons” with guests including Jack Platz, an Australian.  They will be on from eight to ten.

Friday.  Nothing scheduled but we are working on a booking for Friday, more news to follow.

Saturday we are to be serenaded by “The Whitmores”.  Alex and Marti will entertain us from 7:30 until 11:00.

On Wednesday of next week we are going to try for the first open mic. night at the new La Kiva.  This is a Kiva tradition that we simply can not lose because it was so important to Glen and to so many of you.    That’s right.  Open mic is coming home.  I think the last run was 886 consecutive weeks (if I am wrong I would love to hear from you).  That’s 17 years without missing.  We will be starting out at 886+1 and we hope it will all come together for next week, October 21st.