La Kiva Schedules the Re-opening

This day has been long in the making but we are finally able to give you an opening date.  The bar will be open for business on the 12th of October, 2015.  That’s Columbus Day.  We will have COLD beer both long necks and draft.  This is not the grand opening but it is a start.

While the bar will be open the kitchen will not.  We still have some finishing touches to do in the Kitchen.  We are waiting for equipment to be delivered, the exhaust hoods to be fitted, the outdoor walk in to be commissioned etc..  I am not even hazarding a guess for when we can call ourselves a restaurant again.

I know this is short but I am being pressed for time on all sides.  I am trying to find a good band for the Saturday night following our opening and I must also get a TABC licence for another event off site.  That and a host of other things so goodbye for now and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

23 thoughts on “La Kiva Schedules the Re-opening”

  1. Halleluiah and praise the baby!
    The heavens just opened up and the light is shining down on you. Can’t wait to be there for Halloween!!!!!

  2. good to hear… I was a regular back in the 80’s … haven’t been back since… LOTS of memories in your place… are you planning a Halloween event ??
    remember.. one day at a time.. one dollar at a time.. it will happen.. maybe not tomorrow.. but it WILL happen..

  3. We have over 5,000 members on Big Bend Texas forum on Facebook. I will post your reopening date for our members. We like promoting local business on the site.

  4. Congratulations, that’s great news.

    We’re leaving northeastern NC sometime between tomorrow and Monday for several days of camping in the Four Corners area ( Actual departure date depends on Hurricane Joaquin). Your opening firms up our plans to take a southerly route back home. Don’t know if we’ll make the 12th or not but we’ll definitely make every effort to stop by.


  5. Been to La Kiva many times and can only hope that the remodel has the same charm and decor inside as it did before. Have told me wife about it many times and she is dying to come see it. I also hope the the main door is still the same entry with large door? Please keep up the good work and look forward to revisiting.

    1. We have been careful. There is new rockwork but the same stonemason that worked on the original La Kiva also did the new rockwork. There have been many changes, most of which we had no option about.
      The roof was in imminent danger of collapse so the entire roof area was rebuilt, the entire concrete floor was so degraded that it needed replacement. Some walls fell down or were so damaged by rot and termites they had to be replaced. New restrooms and new kitchen. The front of La Kiva now looks like an industrial building but that will change as we can get to it. Having said all that we hope you will be pleased with what we have achieved inside. Most of our visitors have been pleased with the result. The only way you will know if we ruined it is to come and visit. Looking forward to your critique.


      1. Spoke to some folks a short time ago and we may be driving out from San Antonio next weekend to take a look at your handy work and possibly enjoy some the wonderful bbq that used to be available. Are any of the original wall decorations up yet. Loved the fossils !!!! Hope to see you then.

        1. The Penisaurus survived unscathed. The other artifacts are being refurbished and put back as we move along. By the 12th we expect to have most things back in place.

  6. So will this be a full service bar or just beer? (<–in October)
    I'd like to stop by for a nice cold margarita or bloody Maria in a few weeks.

    1. We have an MB licence from the TABC so we will be a full service bar and we will soon have our restaurant up and running. Gourmet Pizza, BBQ and steakhouse.

  7. I’m driving down from Michigan now and hoped to stop by in the next few days that I will be in the Big Bend area. Well, there’s always next year. Good luck!

      1. Hi! Thanks for the invite. I did drive through the parking lot this afternoon around 5-ish as I remember(before I read this) just too look at the outside and see if the door was still there! :>)

        I noticed your sign saying no visitors, only workmen, and I didn’t wish to intrude, so i just looked and then drove on to dinner. I didn’t see anyone outside else I would have said “hi.”

  8. Great news. We have missed you the last few years. Been coming to Study Butte/Terlingua/Lajitas since 1986. See you on the 23rd.
    Don Brillhart – Alice, TX/Ruidoso Downs, NM (Dad)
    Burton – Dallas, Texas (Son)
    Robbie Brillhart – Antigua, Guatemala (Son)
    Peden Brillhart – Antigua, Guatemala (Grandson)

  9. Glad to hear about your opening. We will be passing through the area on the way to Tucson on the weekend of the 18th. Hope that you are up and running. Looking forward to it. We have been there several time in the past.

    1. The bar will be open. The kitchen is not yet finished so, sorry but no food. I hope you enjoy your trip and we are looking forward to seeing you.

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