The Phoenix Rises

Here at La Kiva we had a happy and constructive week.  A week which saw the first bitterly cold weather enter the Big Bend.  My friends and family in Minnesota and Wisconsin will be laughing at that one.  We had low temperatures in the high twenties while their high temperatures were twenty or thirty degrees below our lows.  Our snowfall was zero while theirs was up to sixteen inches.  I even got some hate mail from my son.  He’s just returned to Minnesota from Texas.  The contents of the mail are not suitable for polite company,  but I gather he’s jealous of our comparatively warm temperatures.  He made it very clear, while he was here, which weather he preferred.

Josie in front of an April snow pile.  Grocery store in Minnesota.
Josie in front of an April snow pile. Grocery store in Minnesota.

After what seemed like never ending rounds of destruction and disassembly we have entered the happy phase.  Things are going up again.  What only last week looked like it would never end has turned around.

Stage wall before
The Stage Wall
Stage Wall One Week Later
Stage Wall One Week Later

The support columns for the new vigas are almost complete and it is hard to tell which is original and which is new.

New Support Columns

This week we are installing the floors for the kitchen, back bar, cold room and dry storage room as well as the booth dining area.  This is the biggest pour and will make a huge difference to the look of the place.  Suddenly, people will be able to see the progress we have made.  Some of the electrics are already laid in, as is some of the plumbing.  Outside the services are being laid in.  I dug a small trench to lay in a new water line after mine was damaged by overpressure from the water company and then cut (repeatedly) by my very own crew working on the rebuild.   We have been without water for a few weeks now.  We are waiting for rain (warm kind) and then we can shower on the patio as we understand has happened in the past.  Being without water is slightly inconvenient if you are living in a camper.  If you have a bar and restaurant it takes on a more serious tenor.  We are hoping to fix that very soon.  Now back to the small trench.  Once people saw the trench they wanted to put things in it.  It now contains water, electricity, sewer and will soon have internet and phone added.  My “little” trench grew a bit and I suspect it can now be seen from low earth orbit.

“The Trench” with water, sewer and electric already in, phone and internet soon to be added.

I heard from some great people this week.  An offer of a superb smoker to help us upgrade our BBQ offerings and a suggestion for a documentary movie amongst them.

We are more content with the way things are going than you could imagine.  We can see light at the end of the tunnel and it may not be the train.  We are even coming to terms with the things we have been forced to do and have turned them to our advantage.

I hope you all have a great week and providing we don’t have a heavy freeze we are pouring concrete by Friday.

3 thoughts on “The Phoenix Rises”

  1. Wow! John and Josie I am so proid of you two and your crew. Love reading the updates and even though I am at this time in a cold drizzly San Antonio, I am cheering you on!

    Thumbs up!
    Kathleen and Tom Griffith

  2. We have spent several winters down there in your area, we have been to La Kiva serval times, drank a many a beers there and have eaten several meals there! Looking forward to meeting you, and seeing the new La Kiva!

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