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Another Delay

This week has been frustrating on so many levels.  We have tried to get Texas drivers licenses.  It took three trips totalling over 500 miles.  When you look at the office website it tells you it is open from Monday to Friday with no break for lunch.  The reality is that this week it was open on Wednesday and Thursday, opening later in the day than it said, closing earlier in the day than it said and with a break for lunch which was not announced anywhere.  Next week it will be open, but on different days.  That is just a trifle irritating but it is a pattern we are learning to expect.  I would like to add that the actual real person that dealt with us was terrific and it was not her fault they were short staffed.

On one of our numerous journeys to get our drivers licenses, we encountered a broken down cement truck.  Ouch.  Now that guy was having a bad day.   On our return to Terlingua later that day we saw a cement truck being towed and a little later we found a load of cement dumped at the side of the road, on the grass verge.  We congratulated ourselves as it was not our cement company and our schedule would not be impacted.   As fortunate as it was that it was a different company to the one that we are using, our glee was short lived.  We got back to La Kiva to find that our cement company had rescheduled because of unnamed problems and then later they rescheduled again.  It seems that it got cold enough in Alpine to freeze the water in the trucks as they sat overnight.  This had delayed some pours and so we got pushed back.  Right now it looks like Tuesday the 25th of November for our first pour.  We will have a second pour as soon as we can get ready  with new shoring and remove the old shoring.  Right now it looks as though we may have floors, walls and roof by Christmas.  That would be something but if we had electricity as well.   That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.  We are planning on  Christmas dinner inside La Kiva for just the two of us, even if we have to do it on a camp stove.  It may sound silly, but it will be a milestone for us.  That should not be taken as a sign that we will be open right after Christmas.  There will still be a lot of work to do, but it will be real progress.

The stonework for the pillars to support the roof and the new wall to replace the one that fell down are looking good and add to the ambience, although ambience is not the first word that comes to mind in our present state.   Possibly I should reserve that word until we have walls, roof and electricity.

The Maestro at work.

We have approval from our inspector to begin closing the trench which carries water, electricity, sewage and internet.  That will begin to tidy things up.  Electricity is another problem.  We are waiting for  Rio Grande Electric Cooperative Inc. who have got the plans for the new service to the office in Alpine.  Now they have to draft the easement document, get one more round of approvals and we can be put on the schedule.  I am guessing that in three weeks we can have our new service, but who knows.  Our end is in good shape, we cleared access for the electrical installation trucks weeks ago and now we wait for RGEC Inc..

Progress is being maintained.  Even while I am writing this they have installed the first two vigas or at least lifted them into place ready to install them.

New viga 2


New vigas


There is much more that happened but this quick outline should let you know that we are still moving forward.  The pace is quickening and our crew keep up their unfailing good humor no matter what we throw at them.

Stay well and stay happy.

8 thoughts on “Another Delay”

  1. Thank you for bringing this great place back to life. I live in Austin but plan to visit when you are up and running. Thanks again!

  2. thank you for keeping us informed and for “rolling with the flow”! It will be so worth it when you are done! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. I’m so excited for you guys! Our family loves south Brewster County. Check out our website, and we would be thrilled to promote your grand opening in the midland Odessa area.

  4. “Terlingua Time”…no other place goes by it and I’m sure it takes a while to adjust to it! Glad progress is being made, even though it must not seem so at times. Keep hold of the dream!

  5. You have no idea how much I empathize with you. I too waited a long time for concrete and electricity. Talk to Alexander Lopez at Rio Grande Electric while here authority is limited, I found her to be extremely helpful.

    I too am so looking forward to a roof and walls (on my new house). I am lucky to have the folks that will be doing it. They will get it done and done right. But we both need to remember this is Terlingua. And we love it here.

  6. I have been coming every year to Big Bend and Terlingua/Lajitas since 1986. La Kiva was always on the agenda. Was devastated when I arrived this year with my two sons and my grandson to learn of La Kiva’s closing. Many thanks for reopening La Kiva – we will look forward, with much pleasure, on our return in 2015.

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