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The Work Begins

It’s been a week of waiting but finally the pieces are in place to start.  We have the plans for our very complex, and I am sure expensive, septic system.  The next step is to prepare three bid packets and get them out for quote.  We have three contractors identified so it is now just a matter of time until we can start that project.

The electricians are chomping at the bit and our roofers are raring to go.

La Kiva Revealed

This week will see the start of some serious work at La Kiva.  First item on the agenda was the demolition of toilet block that was put up to service the large outdoor stage audience.  That is the first casualty of the new septic system.  The drain field is planned to extend far enough that the removal of the toilet block became essential.   The corrugated iron that was the wall of the toilet block is now being repurposed/recycled so that will make demolition much easier.  The lavatory stools themselves seem to be in excellent condition so they will probably see new life in our new toilet block.

Excellent Ventilation
Excellent Ventilation

La Kiva has been closed for seven months, for multiple reasons, but even if everything had been in place for a new owner on day one, the bar could not have reopened sooner because there was no holder of a current liquor license.  Let’s face it, we are going to die one day so it would be foolish to ignore that.  To ensure our deaths do not result in La Kiva closing again, because we no longer have a liquor license holder, we have taken precautions.  We have formed a company which will operate La Kiva, it will still be us but we will be a company not two individuals.  We have been waiting for approval of the name from the Office of the Secretary of State.  While the bar is La Kiva and nothing is going to change that, the Secretary of State would not allow me to call the company La Kiva nor any variation that included Kiva.  After a couple more refused names we settled on Cave Bar LLC doing business as La Kiva.  Cave Bar LLC will have four members and as long as one of those members survives, we will have a legal licensee and it will not be necessary to close the bar because we have lost the sole licensee.  So now we have to get the four members of the LLC approved to hold a liquor license in the State of Texas.

The hoops you have to jump through!  We are presently having  a police background check done (they would accept an FBI check instead) in any state in which any one of the four of us has resided in the last five years, to see if any of us have a police record.  The paperwork stack is getting larger by the minute.

Looking for water (leaks).
Looking for water (leaks).

I am late with the blog this week because the water company had a little oopsy.  A pressure regulator went out and that cascaded downstream and caused multiple leaks.  No less than three at La Kiva, plus two in my motor coach and as they were all buried, one way or another, it took a while to find them and fix them.  The water being off took priority over everything else.  Today we are good.  Repairs have been completed and seem to be holding.  It will be a relief to everyone close to me to know that I can once again shower and I am taking this break in the frenetic activity to quickly make a blog entry.

7 thoughts on “The Work Begins”

  1. Do you have any kinda, sorta estimate of opening? I’m in serious need of some Big Bend time and I won’t go until La Kiva is back up and running!!!!

  2. So what was the problem with Kiva for the liquor license? I looked it up..
    “a chamber, built wholly or partly underground, used by male Pueblo Indians for religious rites”.

    1. There is a Kiva, Inc. in Buda, Tx.. The office of the Secretary of State states that “this is deceptively similar to another existing filing entity…..”

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