Exit stage left and it did.

Milky Way over La Kiva courtesy of Molly Dumas, photographer. Photobomb Courtesy of the International Space Station

I love cryptic titles.  The huge performance stage was deemed unsafe and there did not appear to be any enthusiasm for keeping it.  It was invited to make an exit and, with the help of a large bulldozer, it did.  So now the title makes a little more sense.

We need the space.
We need the space.
Fred The Stage Manager
My new home site.
My new home site.

That was quicker than attacking with a hammer and crow bar.

A few incidents with the swamp cooler have convinced us that it is time to retire that noble piece of equipment in preparation for a major upgrade to the roof.  We don’t yet know how we are going to tackle that problem, but we are looking at it.  You can be sure that it will not involve a large can of black, sticky stuff nor duct tape.  This will be neither quick nor easy but it is necessary.  Work is scheduled to start this Monday.

A disagreement has arisen.  The old concrete floor has degraded.  If this was a World War II prison camp, the escape committee would have found out that you could cut your way through parts of the floor with a teaspoon.

Escaping Using a Spoon
Escaping Using a Spoon


Josie wants to redo the concrete floor, possibly by skimming the whole floor with new concrete and a high quality sealer.  I want to put in slate tiles, or at least stone tiles.  Pitch in with an opinion or an idea.  Keeping it the way it is does not satisfy the cleanability requirement.  Josie thinks that concrete is more in keeping with La Kiva while I think that stone tiles will still fit in but will look better and last longer.

I have heard stories about Gil having a hot tub but dismissed them as exaggeration.  Ooops.  I am glad I never said that out loud.

The Legendary La Kiva Hot Tub
The Legendary La Kiva Hot Tub

Going through the archives (aka the dump) I found this gem.  So it looks like all those tall tales were true.  This is the original Jacuzzi hot tub and it is still in pretty good condition though I doubt if we would be allowed to put it back into use the way it was originally.

Earlier in the week, Monday I think, I went in early.  Josie arrived a half hour later and gave me one of those looks (all you married guys know the look I mean).   She then went on.

“Aren’t you going to do something.”  I was on my guard straight away and I had a witty answer that I shot back at her.

“What?”  I said without a moments hesitation.

“The leak.” She said as though that explained anything.  Once again I responded with my rapier wit.


Big sigh, major eye roll.  “The kitchen is flooded.  Didn’t you hear it?” She said.

What ensued was a half hour of frenetic action as item after item was removed from the flood zone and moved to the patio.  I eventually dug down deep enough to find the leak and execute a temporary solution but not before amassing an impressive pile of stuff on the patio including two freezers, the kitchen sink, a wire shelf and a stainless steel worktop as well as pots, pans and miscellaneous detritus.  So now half the kitchen is cleared but that is not a particular problem as we were going to strip it anyway.  With the plumbing exposed it is pretty clear that we will need to do some upgrading there and the floor drain is also blocked.

Stay tuned for exciting new developments.  This coming week is the week of the inspections.  Health, septic, electrical and roof as well as completing the planning for the new cold room, freezers and refrigerator.  Hearing this is music to my ears though what I am most likely to hear is the tinkle of cash registers.

12 thoughts on “Exit stage left and it did.”

  1. Concrete is all most of us know there. Concrete woyld be cheaper and can be finished very nicely, even painten.

  2. I think simple concrete would keep the same feel and save you some money. You can have it surfaced nicely, and will be easy to clean.

  3. Stained concrete would be my suggestion. Skim it, stain it, then seal it and your floor will last for decades. All of the really loose or soft old stuff should be removed down to solid concrete and score the firm floor to give the new layer some tooth to grab onto.

  4. I think you’d be happy with concrete. We have acid stained concrete in our home and love it. It is durable and looks lovely, too.

  5. Concrete. Looking forward to hearing how the roof will be repaired. First time I saw Glen he was mopping up the rainwater from the leaking roof.

  6. I agree With Josie Stained concrete with be easy to clean and maintain. Good for foodsafety and heavy food traffic.

  7. I am in awe of both of you. Thanks for cleaning and repair. La Kiva needed it and we can’t wait to see the improvements. God Bless!
    Rusty and Pam Center (see you in October!)

    1. I like the cheaper alternative of concrete, but I also love the look of tile, so long as it fits the décor. Either is fine, so, good luck with that.

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